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Why people choose Novkey?

As an epublisher, we are committed to provide the best ebook selfpublishing platform to authors, and best ebook / enovel reading sources and experiences to readers worldwide. We make every effort possible to fulfill its commitment.

We provide free ebooks as well as paid ones. Our library grows every day.

Why novelists choose us? There are many reasons why novelists should choose Novkey. Here are some of them.
1) Authors get 92% of all subscription fees and tips collected on this website. This rate is the highest among publishers.
2) We provides and focuses on providing a very unique platform, which helps novelists to build strong relationships with readers. There are more features coming to improve this platform.
3) On this platform, novelists can choose to post their works chapter by chapter before they finish the whole ebook, and get financial incentives right away.
4) Novelists also have opportunities to interact with readers throughout the whole writing process and get inspired from the interactions, which lead to better products.
5) By interacting with readers, novelists turn their work of writing into fun adventures. Writing here is no longer boring.
6) By respecting readers rights (see below), our system attracts more readers, and eventually benefits authors.
7) We provide free cover page services.

Why readers choose us? We respect readers' rights and provide readers unique reading experiences. Here's why readers should come to us:
1) There are two types of chapters on this website, public or VIP. Public chapters are provided for free, and VIP chapters must be purchased. Instead of purchasing the whole ebook without knowing the quality, readers purchase chapter(s), and can stop purchasing any time.
2) With authors' permission, we give readers 50% of rights on pricing ebooks, because we believe readers should be involved in pricing ebooks.
3) Readers have their influences on authors in many ways. They can choose to give flowers or stinky eggs to ebooks to show their support / dislike. Readers can send tips to authors for their works. Therefore authors can serve Novkey readers better.
4) Because novelists here can post chapters without finishing the whole ebook, readers can read the posted chapters spontaneously, and observe authors' ongoing writing process. This model also allows authors and readers to interact with each other in the whole process.
5) This platform provides many other channels for readers to directly interact with authors. Readers can comment on ebooks, ask for clues of future plots, even ask for a role in authors' ebooks, etc. Novelists can reply to comments, tell readers their feelings, ask for support from readers, etc.
6) There are many other ways on this platform, by which readers can interact with authors.

How does the payment system work?

There are two types of chapters on this website, public or VIP. Public chapters are provided for free, and VIP chapters have to be purchased. Readers purchase VIP chapters with Novkey Book Coins (BCoins). To obtain BCoins, readers pay one dollar for each 100 BCoins. There will be no hidden fees (handling, tax, etc.) applied to the purchases.

With authors' choice, we let authors and readers decide the ebook prices together. Under this guideline, we set a base price and a price index to every ebook. The final price of a ebook will be the product of base price and price index. Novelists have the right to opt out of using this model.

The base price is 1 BCoin every certain number of words. Authors have the right to set the base price. If authors do not set the base price, the default is 1 BCoins every 200 words. The price index should reflect other parameters, such as readers' satisfactions, total reads, readers' ratings, total word counts, overall progress, etc. The value of the price index will fall between 0.5 and 1.0. If authors choose to opt out of using this model, the price index will simply be set as 1.0.

To guarantee the most reasonable price index, we will provide its value one month after the ebook is completed, or two months after the ebook's final update. Detailed rules of the price index will be coming out soon.

To implement this calculation, for every VIP chapter readers read, Novkey pre-charges the base price, which is 1 BCoin every 200 words ( default ). After the price index is set, we return the excess amount to readers.

Once reader(s) subscribe a VIP chapter, we grant readers' permanent access to the VIP chapters and all public chapters published before the pre-charged VIP chapter. However, authors still have the right to withdraw / delete the book from the website. If that happens, readers won't be able to read those chapters here.

Authors Should Read

We value innovative and high quality works, and welcomes novelists at all skill levels to use our services. We periodically promote every ebook / enovel listed on this website.

We provides free cover page services for ebooks / enovels on the basis of first request first served. The cover pages we provided should not be used on other websites.

Authors collect subscription fees as well as tips from readers. Although authors can charge subscription fees for each chapter, We highly recommend authors provide the first 15% of chapters for free.

Authors retain rights to any contents they submit, post or display on this website. Authors own the copyright of their publications, and are free to delete, modify or publish with other publishers.

All posted ebooks must be authors' original work, or authorized by original authors. We respect authors’ copyrights, and it is authors' responsibility to respect others'.

We charges 8% of authors' income as administration fee, which means authors take 92% of subscription fee, plus 92% of tips / donations.

How to publish your ebook / enovel? Publishing ebooks here is easy and free. Check how to publish an ebook for more details.

For more details, please contact us.

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