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The Witch's Wand

The Witch's Wand

Author: RenaLi Total hits: 573 User hits: 0 Date: 09-26-2015

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Epublisher - ebook, enovel, The Witch's Wand
The Witch’s Wand

“Hey Christine, check this out!” Abigale said. She picked up a heavy staff and tried to make sparks come out of it. It was so heavy that she dropped it onto Christine’s toe. “Ouch!” yelped Christine. “I think you would be better off with one of the wands,” she said, rubbing her toe. Abigale picked up a wand. “I like this one,” she said. The wand was made out of smooth wood and had a ruby set at the end. Christine read the parchment that came with it. “I don’t really think you should use this one. It says that this wand went crazy because the owners didn’t know how to use one and it turned them into cockroaches,” she said. Abigale threw the wand five feet away, into the box labled ‘Partially Dangerous Magical Objects’. Abigale and Christine had just received invitations to Infiniti School Of Magic. They were shopping for some supplies. They both already had vicious Magical Animals books that snapped and bit you, Potions ingredients, birds for delivering messages, and Grade 1 Magic Spellbook for Multipurposes. Abigale had an owl named Hermine and Christine had a falcon named Tawni. All they needed now was a wand, and possibly a hoverboard from Harry’s Hoverboards to play Hover, which was a type of game played on hoverboards with three minisucle silver spheres zoomed around. The Chaser had to chase and catch them, There was also a giant red ball that blocked your path and you had to get across it. You also had to catch a green ball and hurl it at the target for points. Abigale finally chose a long, 20 inch wand with enmerald lining, and Christine chose a wand with a crystal at the tip. Then they went to buy hoverboards.

“Wow, look at this!” Abigale exclaimed. She pulled to the front and saw a newly arrived hoverboard, the Comet. It was silver with a wood polish and it had accelerating charms and braking charms on it. It also had a gold serial number: 1000000. The first one to be made! “Abigale! Get over here right now! Are you going to choose a Meteriote or a Moonbeam?” Christine yelled form the back of the store. Abigale hurried away. A girl was sitting on a bench and besides her was a huge package. “Do you know the way to Station 12?” Abigale asked. The girl looked up form her book. She had a brown braid tucked under a panda hat and a brown jacket with a dark green shirt and plaid skirt. “Yes, it’s right by the station, but you have to go the secret way. The secret way is to run through the wall, you’ll see a emerald green train labled: Infiniti School Of Magic. Then you board the train,” she exclaimed. “Thanks!” Abigale exclaimed. “No problem. By the way, my names Sierra and I’m in Grade 1 at Infiniti. Well, see you at school!” she said. She put her book in her pink purse and took her wand out. With a flash of green light and a loud crack, she was gone.

“Wow, I can’t believe she can Evaparate!” Christine said. Evaparating was a skill that required lots of magic. If was disappearing from one place and reappearing in another. It was very hard and sometimes it blew up the whole place. Grade 1 students shouldn’t have been able to do it but Sierra just did. “Well, from here?” Christine asked. Abigale nodded and directed her wand at thin air, where no people were. Portus! She commanded. A portal opened below their feet. Then they both jumped in.

“Ouch!” Abigale exclaimed as they hit the stone floor of Indigo Station. Directo, Christine said. The wand glowed golden and an arrow directed them to a wall. Fadet, she said. “Okay, Sierra told us to go through this wall at exactly 11:00 , Abigale said. She pulled out her watch. Five, four, three, two, one, now! She exclaimed suddenly.

They were sucked into the wall and reappeared on another station, with a steaming emerald train labled Infiniti School Of Magic. “We’re here,” Christine said. “Christine! Abigale!” someone shouted. Sierra came running over and her panda hat flew off. Magnetus! She exclaimed, not bothering to look what she was doing. The panda hat zoomed lopsided onto her head. “You guys made it!” she said excitedly. Abigale laughed. “The barrier was scary. It was like falling down a pit. “Yeah, I know, right?” Sierra said. She bookmarked her book and tucked it into her bag. Then she pulled out a cage from her bag. It contained one little owl. “These owls are magical owls, they live forever!” Sierra said. “Meet Scops. He’s a Scops owl and he’s relly hyperactive so I keep him in a cage,” she said. The put the cage onto her luggage. The train let out a earsplitting choo-choo. “Come on, let’s go!” Christine said. She tugged onto her backpack and set Tawni onto her finger. With a bit of effort, and lots of magic form Sierra, they squeezed their luggage into Compartment 12 and sat down onto the chairs. Waving out the window, they were off to Infiniti!

Sierra had stuck her nose in a book again, while a plump witch pushed a cart full of treats and candy down the aisle. “Anything from the cart?” she asked. Abigale rummaged around in her bag for some gold, and gave some to the witch in return of a pie to share when Sierra decided to eat. “Pie?” Christine asked. Sierra shook her head, her nose still in a book. “I’m reading on History of Magic, 1850,” she replied. “How many series are there?” Abigale asked. “Approximately 150 books, which have 2000-5000 pages,” Sierra replied. She turned a page and pulled out a vegetarian sandwich, taking a big bite. “I guess she doesn’t want anything to eat now, she has a sandwich,” Christine said. She finished the last bite of her pie and cleaned the mess out. “I’ll make something out of this pie tin when I get home,” Abigale suggested. She waved her wand and the tin was wiped clear. Then she stuffed the tin into her bag. The train had started slowing down until they came to a stop.

A huge stone castle sat in front, with an enormous banner depicting a green serpent, falcon, dolphin, and griffin. The words at the top read: Infiniti School Of Magic A row of small powder blue canoes with plush white seats stood at the entrance. A old wizard with eyeglasses and a dark blue robe stood at the entrance, guiding people in. “He must be Altair Infiniti, the headmaster of this school,” Sierra exclaimed. “He’s really funny and random sometimes,” she said. The canoes slowly started to move into a dark tunnel, and with a drop, like one on a rollercoaster, they landed in a channel leading from a great golden room with a high domed celing, and four great golden tables with white tablecloths. The teachers were already there, finishing their supper. A giant golden fireplace crackled behind them, but the fire was green instead of orange and it gave off sparks. “Okay, everybody line up for the Sorting!” Altair siad over the chit-chat. Sierra, Christine, and Abigale got in line behind a couple other people. Then they were given slips of paper. “Everybody will write their name down on a paper and the magical fire will decide which clan you belong in!” Altair said. They quickly wrotee their names down and passed the quill on. Then everybody lined up to go for the fire. When everybody had dropped their name in, They stood, waiting. “These people will go in Serpenta!” Altair said. He put his hand out and a couple dozen people’s papers slipped out of the fire. “Davy Cricket, Vincent Serbenus, Dracule Vampie…” he read on and on until the Serpentas had all sat down at their table and started pigging out on ham, beef, salad, roast potatoes, soup, curry, and many other foods. “These people, go to Falconclaw!” Altair exclaimed. Once again, some papers shot out of the fire and he read them off. “Amber Greengrass, Cassandra Zambi, Abigale Winds, (“That's YOU, Abigale!), Sierra von Mathila, (“Yay!”) Cristy Carmer, and Christine Chandler!” Christine immediately headed towards her friends, who were saving a seat for her. Sierra had some fun with her wand, turning Abigale’s drink into a live mouse that scampered off the table, covered in pumpkin juice. “I can’t believe it!” We’re in Falconclaw!” Sierra marveled. She reached into her backpack and pulled out four hats, picking the one with the giant falcon on top with a sharp beak. “I made four hats at home, a tall green one with a serpent for Serpenta, a griffin for Griffynfire, and a dolphin for Aquador. I guess I’ll wear the falcon,” she exclaimed happily. She put the hat on her head. “Wow,” Abigale said, giggling. Christine hepled herself to roast potatoes and pork chops. “Infiniti is AWESOME,” she exclaimed, biting into the delicously cooked potato. After dinner, they headed up to the dorms, which were big, circular rooms with velvet draped beds, it looked fit for a queen, with gilded furniture and stuff. Sierra dropped her heavy books onto the bed and pulled out Scops’ cage. Scops twittered madly and flew around in excitement. “He has a pretty hard time getting used to a new place besides my bedroom,” Sierra explained. She pulled out her message bag and wrote a quick note to her parents. Then she put the note in her bag and Scops carried it off into the dark. The Head of the Falconclaw clan, Ms. Alaya came over and shouted: “LIGHTS OUT AT TEN O’CLOCK!” Everybody nodded to show her that they knew and starte talking again. Meanwhile, Sierra was poring over a book on curses and hexes. “Should you even be reading that?” Christine asked Sierra, who was reading on the Hysterics Hex, which sent the person into a violent state of craziness. “I don’t mind, it’s not all that disturbing,” Sierra said, flipping the page to the Cackling Curse. “I’m studying for our Magic Exams,” she said. “Magic Exams?” Abigale yelped. “Why do we have to do Magic Exams? I hate tests!” she exclaimed. It was true, Abigale hated tests. Sierra pulled out a fat book labled Magical Exams and How to Practice: Volume II. “Use this to study if you’re not good,” she said. Abigale took the book. “Wow, I can’t believe you have to study thos much,” she said. “Well, it’s worth it if you pass,” Christine said. “Okay everybody! Lights OUT!” Ms. Alaya called. Nocturne! Sierra whispered. All the lights went out at once. “Well, bed I suppose. First thing tommorow is Medieval Magic,” Christine said. She then rolled over.

Thump! Abigale awoke to a loud thumping. Sierra had just threw a fat, heavy book labled History Of Medieval Magic on the floor. She picked it up and lugged it out. “What in the WORLD are you dong?” Abigale asked. “Preparing,” Sierra said, picking up an ink, quill, and blotter. “For Medieval magic,” she said. With difficulty, she heaved the materials out the doorway and into the classroom. Abigale fell back onto her bed, but she couldn’t fall asleep anymore. Instead, she woke Christine up and lugged her heavy books to the class, which had just started. “Okay everybody, turn to Page 12,” Professor Janus squeaked. He was a spindly old man that harly waas able to carry the books so he charmed them. Abigale turned to page 12. It was on the Witch’s Wnad, a famous magical wand that has long lost and forgotten, everybody was hunting it.

The Witch’s Wand

The Witch’s Wand is an amazing magical object that allows the possesor unlimited power and rule over any possesive. However it is uneasy and dangerous to posess. You must find the 12 portals that lead to the Secret Forest and go through a quest of a alligator pool, stone maze, vines, and a carnivorous garden. The wand awaits you at the ned. So far, many have tried, and failed to find the Witch’s Wand.

Abigale took out a sheet of paper and began writing her essay as Professor Janus said. He was still heaving an effort to get the book back on his shelf. Finally, he decided to levitate it off the table. It landed with a thump onto the shelf. After thirty more minutes of note-taking, the bell rang. “Okay everybody, two feet of paper on the Witch’s Wand, now class dismissed!” he hopped back into the classroom. “Two feet! Can you BELIEVE it? Two WHOLE feet?” Christine complained. School homework at their old school was hard, but TWO feet was UNBELIEVABLE to do! Well, magic school had it’s cons. Chrisitine tore off a briefly two-foot piece of paper and began writing, looking back to the book for ideas. Abigale kept reading up on the Witch’s Wand:

There is only ONE known copy of this wand, and it is currently possesed by the wizard Alberto Rodriguez. His school, Dormfort, has received many visitors. Dormfort emphasizes seriously on Dark magic classes. The wand is cursed, too so the first one who touches the precious dragon ruby, the last left on Earth, will be linked to it as long the ruby remins in the wand. The wand was created and possesed by the witch Linna Lordigues, who aslo posses the Stone of Immortality and the Shield Cloak, making her the most famous witch of all. When you fail to get the wand you just might be fed to Alberto’s alligators. No one’s sure though.

Paragraph written by Susan Nathorney, Witch. 201 edition

Abigale read the page in intrest. It was probably the most exciting thing in the book, everything else was about gnome riots and dwarf rebellions and famous wizards and charms. Nothing too exciting but this. She checked the back for more info, there was no more to read though. She decided to start her essay. She wrote five incches before stopping. “Hey, I am SO not doing this report. Potions is after and the teacher is nice, but strict. She will give us like, ten feet!” Abigale said. She threw her pen down onto the bed. “I need to finish my report!” Sierra exclaimed. She had already done three feet nine inches. “You are finished,” Christine said. “I want a snack.” Together they trooped down the spiral staircase.

Abigale grabbed a bag of Fireballs and chewed one up. Smoke drifted out of her ears. “Why,does Sierra INSIST on doing five feet?” Christine asked, eating a chocolate Altair, who was running wildly in her hand. Christine swallowed chocolate Altair in one gulp. “She’s a braniac, that’s why,” Abigale anwsered. However, Christine wasn't listening. “Hey, check this out!” Christine exclaimed. She had stepped on a red ruby hidden under a loose stone. The floor spun fast, until a red portal opened. Carved on the portal were the words: The Witch’s wand III. “I’m done, what are you two up to?” Sierra called. She sprinted down the stairs, and stopped short in front of the portal. “Who…what…why,” she said, shellshocked. Abigale explained the entire thing. Sierra snapped her fingers. “Of course! This is the third hidden portal to the Witch’s Wand!” she exclaimed. “Potions isn’t that important, let’s go. When open, a portal will never open again if you leave it,” Sierra exclaimed. She dove into the portal. Christine and Abigale jumped after her.

“Ouch!” Sierra exclaimed. She had landed in a huge bush with quivering dark blue leaves. The green puffy flowers gave out a burst of green water, of liquid stuff. She brushed it off and climbed off the plnat. “Where are we?” Abigale asked, picking leaves out of her hair. Christine brushed the ferns aside to reveal a giant stone archway, but it was blocked off with a chunk of rock. Christine brushed ome dust off of a ruby on the arch. Like magic, the rock crumbled and dissappeared into the ground. “Welcome to the Witch’s Quest!” a voice boomed from the jungle behind it.

Abigale walked into the arch. There was a village of trees and vines, but in the middle sat a temple like thing with many little wood treehouses. It was like in the Jungle Book, but much larger. There was a pit of alligators in a stone swimming pool and a line of people were already trying to get across it. Gulp! The crocodile swallowed three people in a single gulp and licked its jaws expectantly. The other crocodiles drifted lazily across the pool, waiting for someone. There was also a obstacle course with a giant pit, tornado, fire walls, and a tsunami. At the very end, three vicious fifty-feet hairy giants patrolled the stone pillar, and Abigale could catch the very glimpse of the legendary Witch’s Wand. Linna Lordigues, a silver haired witch sat. She was wearing a spiderweb dress and had a golden crown with a ruby on top. She smirked as the crocodiles swallowed five more people and dumped them, saliva covered into the gate. The stone built back. “Aha! More questers!” Alberto boomed as he caught sight of Christine, Abigale, and Sierra, who was still covered in sticky green goop. “Now, into the alligator pit if you don’t mind!” he bellowed. Linna leaned back in her chair. “Seriously? Albert, no one here has ever made it unless you count little Nathan Roghd, who was chucked out of the forest by the giants,” she said, twirling the wand. “And, of course, if someone does make it, I would hand the wand over, it’s getting on my last nerve. Besides, I have the Staff of Serapis,” she said, picking up a glowing red staff five feet high, with a gleaming orb at the top. Sierra waded into the crocodile pool with her wand. The crocodiles laid on the water and leered at her. ‘Be careful, Sierra!” Abigale shouted. They sat on the giant fern nervously. Sierra was now neck deep in the pool. A big crocodile caught sight of her and started swimming, jaws open wide. Destructio! Sierra screamed. A jet of green light hit the crocodile, turning it over in the water. It swam away, annoyed. Now the other crocodiles advanced. However, there were too much. Horseback riding at Mountain Creek Stables, Abigale thought. She scrambled up a tree, grabbed hold of the thickest vine, and swung onto the crocodiles. She blasted three more crocodiles. They swam to the side, watching them angrily. There were six more left. Christine took out three with a Unconcious charm, and Sierra simply had to levitate two particulary small ones into the losing pool. The last one was the huge one, the one that had eaten the three people. It was as big as a truck, with ugly green warts and menacing yellow eyes. Sierra was already out of the pool and sunning off on a fern. Go! She shouted, wringing out her socks. Abigale took a step closer. This was it, she thought. Abigale was never good at the Mind-Mixing charm. Hypnotis! She shouted, pointing her wand at the crocodile’s head. The crocodile’s eyes rolled all the way back and it crawled into the losing pool all by itself. Then they swam towards the end. The water got deeper until it was thirty feet, but they climbed out just in time. “Good job, now on to the Element Course!” Alberto bellowed, impresses. Linna scowled.

Abigale was first up. She was the best at gymnastics and at obstacle courses. Approaching the tornado, she dropped her wand down the safety tunnel, magic was not allowed. The wand reappeared at the other end on a stone pillar. The tornado roared. It spun, knocking up trees and tearing up plants. Abigale ran right through the tornado, doing a triple backflip. The tornado picked her up and whisked her into the fire walls station. Fire burst out every step she took. It was white hot fire, though. Without magic, she couldn’t do a fireproof charm. Instead, she ran towards the fire. Christine was looking pale and Sierra looked excited. “Go Abigale!” she screamed. Abigale ran towards a no-fire space. Flames shot up. Abigale aerialed out of the way, ducked a flame, barely made it past a huge one, and flipped out of the way of two more. She was out of the fire! The last, was a tsuname. Piece of cake, she thought. She had gone swimming at the beach on a summer sleepover with Ada, Amy, Katherine, and her other friends. They had encountered a huge, fifty foot wave, and somehow Abigale repelled it. The wave sank. At that time, she had no idea she knew magic anyways. The wave, a 150 foot mass of water, washed over her. She was swept up in a tornado of water, not knowing where she was going. Then she put her swim team skills to test. Abiglae had always been the fastest swimmer in her team. She was popular, sporty, and smart at her school. Everyone liked her and wanted to be her friend. Her blond hair whipped around wildly, and she started to do the front crawl. She swam against the waves, and was finally dumped, soaking wet and messy onto a clean, flat, grassland. “You made it!” Alberto boomed enthuasticly. Linna scowled once more. If they made it past the giants, they would take her precious wand. Abigale grabbed her wand. Dryus! She exclaimed. She was dried and sat on a fern to wait. Half an hour later, she heard a yelp, and Sierra was dumped out onto the grass, soaking wet, messy, and a little burned on her brown hair, which was tinted black at the corners and smoking. Sierra performed the dry spell and sat down next to Abigale. If Christine made it, they would win the Element Course and advance onto the giants guarding the wand, then get it. An hour later, Christine came tumbling out of the waves, landing on the grass. “Wow! We made it! On to the giants!” Sierra exclaimed, adjusting her panda hat. Somehow she managed to keep her hat on her head while she was in the tsunami.

The giants leered at them when they came. They were hairy, ugly big men armed with knobbly clubs and rocks. Behind them was the temple, and on the throne was Linna, smirking form the shadow of the giants. One giant grabbed his club and smashed it everywhere, leaving wild dents in the grass. Sierra yelped as the giant hurled a rock, barely missing her. Abgaile heaved up a big stick and hurled it at a giant. It stumbled, growling. Then the other two giants picked up their clubs and advanced, covering the place in sticky drool. Christine grabbed Sierra’s bookbag. Several bottles of green bottles labled poison rolled out. “I keep it, just in case we have a situation like this!” Sierra shouted. She was sending Destructio curses flying everywhere, making the giants stumble and fall. Abigale snatched the bottles and climbed up a tree. In one impressive flying leap, she landed onto the giant’s head. The giant roared and swiped the top of his bushy head, trying to pick Abigale out like she was a tiny flea. Abigale uncorked the bottles and whipped the poison everywhere. The giants growled, and collapsed on a heap on the floor, unconcious. Now all they had to do was get the wnad. Linna moved away from the throne and Abigale levitated it. Now, Linna had a impressed look on her face. The wooden treehouses melted away. The crocodile pool returned to a river. All the temples and structures were reduced to stone. Linna and Alberto Evaparated with a crack, and the stone archway began to tremble. Abigale, Christine, and Sierra dashed through the arch just as the stone cracked, and the entire place sank into a crevice in the ground. “Come on!” Sierra called. A huge hurricane was coming from the arch. They Evaparated into thin air, with the Witch’s Wand.

Thump! They landed in the Potion’s calassroom, with Abigale holding the wand. “Now ocntinue to page on-“ Proffesor Paranus stopped short. Everyone’s eyes drifted to the wand. Then they were mobbed with questions. “How did you get it?” “Can I see?” Christine told the story of the wand and the crocodiles, the giants, and meeting Linna, who had gone to her second hideout with the Staff of Serapis with Alberto. Proffesor Paranus then called Altair, who took the wand and presented the trio with huge golden trophies and the title of Clan Leaders. Sierra was very happy about this. Altair put the wand in a glass case in his office, for all to see. Finally, they actually got to learn how to make a Invisibility Potion in class.

The End Book Two: Echo Caverns
Epublisher - ebook, enovel, The Witch's Wand

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Book two; Echo Caverns coming up!

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