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On Ice 2: Big Bear

Big Bear

Author: RenaLi Total hits: 574 User hits: 2 Date: 09-26-2015

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Epublisher - ebook, enovel, On Ice 2: Big Bear
On Ice: Big Bear

Holly was the best skater in her private class. A month ago she had taken place for Reyna on the Unicorns skating team and they had let her have her very own sparkly pink ears, horn, and tail. A week later, she got accepted into the team. Now Holly was skating professionally! And it was totally worth it too. In July, the Unicorns got to go to SIX FLAGS! Holly couldn’t wait to go! They also got to go out to Big Bear in April. Today, Holly was packing because she was going to Big Bear in TWO days! Yay!

The following night, Natalie mailed Holly her plane tickets:

From: Oakwood, Natalie

To: Brown, Holly

PO Box 299383

2038 Birch Wood Drive

Holly carefully tore apart the white folder and opened it. There were two silver-blue tickets inside. Each one had a picture of a plane. Holly also found a handwritten note from Natalie:


Hello Holly! I bought your tickets just a week ago! Remember to keep them safe until April 2. I would also like to notify you that we will be flying ourselves without an adult so take your phone just in case. Happy Big-Bearing!

P.S: We are doing a turn flight so make sure you have TWO tickets! 


Big Bear! PLANE! Unicorns! Friends! This was SO the best day ever! 

“Byeeeee Hollyyyyyyyyy!” Iris squealed. Iris was Holly’s little sister. Her mom patted her on her back and sent her off. She instantly saw a group of girls, huddled together, dressed in glittery pink parkas matching hers. Reyna was in the front, waving a blinged –out sign saying UNICORS SKATING TEAM: OVER HERE! Holly came over and took her place in the terminal. She chatted with Abigail for a while before playing on her phone. After that, she switched to airplane mode and put everything away. The last thing she heard was “Now I get Holly’s computer! I wanna play WebWorld!” from Iris before they swooped down and led her out of the terminal. At least Holly’s computer had a password.

“Wow, it’s REALLY loud here,” Alissa said, sliding her fluffy green earmuffs on. She was right. The airplane seemed to be snoring steam as they stepped into their spots. Hanna was lucky enough to get a window seat, but Holly sat right next to Abigail-Abigail beat her to it. Holly asked if they could switch seats every hour, Abigail replied yes. Suddenly, the airplane gave a jerk. With one last look around the silver airport building, Holly’s plane started cascading off the runway until all that was left of Maine was a tiny green dot.

Holly looked out the window. “Are we there yet?” Nicky complained. “There are eight more hours,” Holly replied. Nicky moaned and dug down into her blanket. Holly looked out the window. They were splat in the middle of Atlantic ocean-SO not time for answering ‘Almost there’. Almost all her friends from the Unicorns were asleep. Only Natalie and Nicky were awake, either reading or asking everybody around “Are we there yet?” Holly should have brought a book to read, she didn’t have enough space in her yellow monkey suitcase to squeeze even the tiniest magazine. Instead, Abigail’s hand was drooping right over the hand rest, holding a magazine. Holly snatched the magazine and began reading. The first page displayed the members of the Unicorns, the second page displaying the shows and competitions, the third showing off all the awards, the fourth had the weekly newsletter, blah blah blah. Everything was about them. How strange. She flipped to the cover. It said:

The Unicorns: Skating Team

Weekly newspaper for members and catalog of merchandise.

It was just a weekly newspaper! Holly quietly slipped the magazine back into Abigail’s empty hand. There was nothing to do-or read now! All she could do was either answer Nicky-“No, we’re not there yet,” or ask Natalie for another magazine. She decided to ask Natalie, but she was already asleep and had tucked all her books away into her book holder-there was no chance of getting that, Alissa sat in front of her and was a very light sleeper. Nicky was now asleep too. All Holly decided to do was get the z’s before they got there so she wouldn’t get too tired.

The rattling sound came closer and closer. The monster was about to get her-“What would you like?” Holly jumped three feet into the air. Then she realized it was lunch time. Holly turned red. Why, it was only the lunch cart, rattling down the aisle! Most people seemed to be enjoying the tacos so she ordered two trays of tacos, 7-up, and a small pack of raisins. Holly paid $10.00 for their lunch-Abigail was still asleep and her wallet was up in the storage cabinet- and handed a tray to Abigail, who was slowly stirring. Abigail grabbed the taco and took a bite. “Mmm! It’s really good! Thanks Holly!” Abigail said, taking a handful of raisins. Holly bit into a raisin. “Do you know what time it is?” she asked. “It’s 2:20 am. Why are they serving lunch because it’s breakfast time?” Abigail replied. “Well, we had breakfast at home and boarded at 11:30pm. We didn’t have any lunch at home, so they waited a couple hours before serving us lunch. I guess dinner would be at 4 or 5,” Reyna replied, shaking her 7-up. Time was really mixed up here! Dinner-DINNER at 4 am! This was very bizarre!

After lunch, Abigail seemed a little happier. She had her sleep, food, and reading time. They decided to watch a movie. Abigail wanted to watch Snakes on a Plane and Holly did too. It was pretty scary so she read a magazine lent by Natalie for most of the film. Abigail, however, didn’t seem to even notice. She was finding Snakes on a Plane really amusing.

For dinner Abigail paid to pay Holly back for buying her lunch. They both had lasagnas and pasta. Just as they finished, the plane started rumbling. It plummeted downwards while Holly clung to Reyna’s seat as hard as she could. The airplane landed smoothly on the runway and slowed down at a magnificent white building that read LAX Airport. They quickly huddled together and made their way to the luggage claim. After the luggage claim, Natalie directed the group to the taxi station. Each two ‘plane buddies’ boarded one and rode off to another airport. The drive was speedy and the soon found the luggage store. Sending off their suitcases, they boarded onto another plane (with some continuous moaning form Nicky).

The plane ride was only two hours so they didn’t eat anything. Abigail’s stomach started rumbling again, so they boarded even MORE taxis and finally found their resort. It was a cool golden hotel with a fountain in the main lobby. Sliding glass doors formed an arc around the fountain and many potted roses lined the doors. The inside was HUGE-it was a spherical golden room with silk sofas around the walls. Piles and piles of magazines lined the little tea table in the front. A woman with cat-eye glasses and a nametag that read: Katie leaned over the bronze counter. “Here to book a suite?” she said. “Yes, I’m Natalie. I’m the manager of the Unicorns Skating team; we are here to book a vacation resort.” The woman flipped through a selection of waxed papers decorated with gold swirls. She finally pulled out a cream-colored folder. “Is this you? Natalie, Alissa, Hanna, Nicky, Holly, Reyna, Claire, Grace, Adrianna and Abigail?” she asked. “Yes,” Holly replied. The woman reached inside the folder and pulled out a key. “Suite 208. Take the big elevator with the palm tree on the right, over there. Then turn a left and it should be two doors down the hall,” she said. Handing Natalie the key, the woman turned to another customer. “Hurry! I’m hungry!’ Abigail complained. “When we get there I will make onion soup and kale chips for everyone,” Reyna said. She pushed a small green button and we stepped into the elevator.

“Wow!” Hanna exclaimed. “It’s magnificent!” ‘Wow’ was just about the right word to describe out suite. The living room was spherical and a giant hot tub sat in the center. Fluffy red poufs were arranged in a perfect circle, and a small wooden table draped with a tasseled golden cloth displayed a tray of mugs, each containing some hot chocolate. Reyna closed the window and went off to the kitchen with a bag of kale and some onions. Natalie went to the rooms to unpack our luggage and set all our phones in a safe place. Reyna and Natalie were basically in charge of the Unicorns so they were like grown-up supervisors-except that they were only 10! The rest of us grabbed some mugs and took the last two to Reyna and Natalie’s rooms. “I wonder how Natalie booked this place,” Claire said, sticking a hand in the frothing hot tub. “Yeah, I know! It has a hot tub smack in the middle of the living room!” Grace said. “I wish MY living room had a hot tub,” Hanna said enviously. “Dinner’s ready!” Reyna called. A minute later she emerged with bowls of soup and kale chips for everyone. Abigail was so hungry that she pounced on the tray before Reyna put it down. She had slurped up all her soup before Holly even lifted her spoon.

After Holly ate her dinner, she trudged up to her bedroom. Natalie’s blond head popped in, switched the light off, and closed the door. Holly dug in immediately and began to snooze. She was tired from a whole day on an airplane. And we mean, a WHOLE day!

Holly woke up to being shaken off the bed. However, there were soft fluffy pillows that she had put on the floor that night so it broke her fall. “Come on lazy! We’re going skiing!” Claire said. She pulled Holly off the pillows. Everybody was decked out in their ski gear-sparkly silver goggles, high boots, and gloves. It also came with a pink jacket with a fluffy hood and matching pink pants with sparkly silver fringes. Holly pulled on her own ski gear and followed the others out the suite door. After scooping up a large breakfast of cereal, waffles, and sausages they headed out the door for the Big Bear ski slope! Holly was very excited to go!

“Ok people. So now were at the Triplet Mountain. You can choose a Bunny Slope, a Tiger slope, and a Death Drop slope. Bunnies line up in front of Lift 3, Tigers in front of Lift 9, and Death Droppers in front of Lift 5. “Holly decided to take a look before she chose a slope. The Bunny was a small hill, very flat and most beginners 3-5 years old were skiing there. Nope, too easy. The Tiger slope was a high slope that you would call ‘mountain’. She noticed that most 8-10 year olds were there. However, the Death Drop was the most exciting. It was an almost straight down slope that rocketed you off a bump and landed you in a snowbank. The Death Drop looked amusing. Holly lined up in front of Lift 5. Before she knew it, the giant lift whisked people away two at a time before it was too late to go back. Alissa was next to Holly in line. She was getting even more nervous a minute after another. “Do you think I should go back to the Tiger slope?” she asked nervously. “Nah, we’re already here, just DO it!” Holly replied excitedly. She watched the lift come lower and lower. With a clang, the belt lifted and both of them climbed in. Now, it was too late to turn back.

The lift slowly made its way up the Death Drop. With a rush of excitement, Holly spied Natalie, the first person, about to do it! Natalie slowly walked to the edge. She brought out her skis and put her goggles on. The people behind her were shaking with excitement. With a pause, she finally gained speed and slid off the hill, mega fast and doing a little spin. Natalie screamed with excitement as she cascaded down the slope and approached the bump. It sent her into the air, landing her in a soft back of snow. She was jumping with excitement as she immediately got back in line for the Death drop. Holly had never seen Natalie in a more frizzled state. Her blonde hair was sticking up from her green headband. Her silver goggles were crooked and her hood half came off. “That. Was. Awesome!” Natalie shouted to the panicked lookers on the top of the hill. Alissa pushed Holly in front of her. “You go first!” she stammered. Holly couldn’t believe her luck. “Wish me luck,” she said to Alissa as she approached the hill. Kicking the timid bits of snow in front of her, she made her way to the edge. She got all her equipment ready as soon as possible. With a push, she leaped off the hill.

Holly screamed! She crashed through the drop, at about like, 239 miles per hour! She screamed even louder as she approached the bump, sending her flying high into the clouds. She finally braked in the snowbank and lined up behind Natalie. They high-fived. “That was awesome!” they said. Now more sure, Holly cheered on Alissa as she jumped off the slope. She could literally BREAK GLASS! Alissa slid off the bump and landed face-first into the snowbank. Luckily it was soft, but cold! Alissa pulled out, her eyes frozen into a bug look. Chunks of melted snow dripped off her hair and hood was completely knocked out. “Are you okay?” Natalie asked Alissa. She patted Alissa on the back, brushing off some pine needles. “Hot chocolate,” Alissa said absentmindedly. She trudged off to the Bunny slope lift, which by look was much, much easier.

After all of them had gone on a slope, they returned to the resort for a hot drink. Today, it wasn’t hot chocolate but fruit smoothies. Everybody grabbed one and sat down in a pouf. “Well, I’m going to be making dinner,” Reyna said and busied herself in the kitchen. Natalie headed off to use the bathroom. Alissa had finally recovered from her frozen-bug state. She was telling everybody how fun it was on the Death Drop. Claire sulked. “I wish I could’ve gone but I was on the Tiger slope the entire time,” she said. Natalie or Holly didn’t mention that Alissa spent the rest 3 hours on the Bunny slope.

After dinner, Natalie went out to the printing & copying office to print our ski photos. Half an hour later, she came back with all our photos and some frames she bought at the store. Holly giggled at her picture. Her mouth was open and her hood was sliding off her head. It was funny. Holly took her picture to her suite where she placed it on the bedside dresser. She took out her Flash Driver ad inserted the photo into her phone. Then she emailed it to her friends all the way back in Birch Wood. You could never get enough laughs! Suddenly, Natalie knocked on her door. A small envelope lay timidly in the hall. There was a note:

Hello Holly! Hope you’re enjoying Big Bear. Anyways, there is a surprise inside.

-Nat 

Holly slowly dug her nails in the envelope. Can you GUESS what was in there?

It was a plane ticket and a membership pass to Six Flags!


Epublisher - ebook, enovel, On Ice 2: Big Bear

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Welcome to the world of Ice-Skating!

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