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On Ice

On Ice

Author: RenaLi Total hits: 614 User hits: 1 Date: 07-21-2015

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Epublisher - ebook, enovel, On Ice
On Ice

Most people couldn’t compete with Natalie; she had been the best skater at Westwood Elementary School for years. She was so good that her mom set up an entire class for beginners, taught by Natalie. Holly had always wanted to skate and when she saw this poster, she was in luck:

Do YOU Want To Skate?

Beginners Skating Program

2829 Oak Street

Admission $20 an Hour

(Or free for 10 classes if you know me, Natalie!)

Contact 310-293-1029 or text ChocoChipNat now!

Or text FluffyPinkBunny

‘FluffyPinkBunny’ was Reyna, Natalie’s best friend. Only Reyna could compete with Natalie, she was in Natalie’s skating team, The Unicorns. Reyna liked bunnies, her phone was SO totally PINK-bunny-blinged out. Three sparkly rainbow bunny keychains dangled from the bottom, and the case was covered top to bottom with PINK sparkles. And as an addition, her phone came with matching PINK headphones! Reyna never got sick of pink. Or bunnies.

At night Holly sent a text to both of them and waited for a reply. Reyna always stayed up until 12 o’clock sharp, and Natalie instantly popped up when her phone beeped (she was a light sleeper). Both of them replied the exact same thing:

Yes! Ok, u get it free for a few classes b-4. Send in Ur booked class time by mail to Reyna (me) thx!

Holly couldn’t wait for her class to begin!

The first class took place in the pond next to Natalie’s house. Holly already knew Natalie was a good teacher because she saw a three-year old come out of the skating area skating backwards. And he was just THREE! Holly booked in the Medium level on Sunday. “Okay, people. We’re going to teach you how to do jumps today,” Reyna announced. “I will be in the spotting area for beginners.” Holly had always been practicing her jumps-but they were always lopsided and stumbly at the finish. Holly decided to try out the spotting area before she went to the practice area. Reyna spotted her in a couple but then said that Holly needed a bit more spring towards the start and a skid towards a finish. She decided to let Holly use the tree spring before she tried the spotting. The tree spring was a rock climbing harness attached to a tree branch, made by Natalie. Most people practicing tried out the tree harness before spotting or practicing. Holly fit the harness on. She sprang up instantly. Following Reyna’s advice, she jumped hard towards the start and skidded towards the finish. She must have jumped a little too hard because the harness sprang up and she was just suspended in midair for a few seconds before she landed. A few more tries did the trick and she went back to Reyna. Reyna soon said that her jumps were getting better and let her go to the practice center. At the practice, center, skaters lined up in between turns. Natalie would grade them. Then they would either move up or down on the leaderboard, a bulletin board displaying the best skaters. Holly was at the third level, under Miranda and Abby. She wanted to move up so she began jumping very perfectly to impress Natalie. Natalie gave Holly a good score although she said Holly needed to move faster. Holly moved up before Miranda-she had been absent for 2 days. Now she only needed to move before Abby before she could be a substitute member of the Unicorns. Holly saw Abby prance perfectly across the ice. It was going to be hard to beat Abby.

Holly had just gone into her room when her phone beeped. It was a text from Reyna:

FluffyPinkBunny: hi holly, im gonna go to NY and I can’t attend the Oak Grove skating festival, Ur gonna be replacement.

HollyLeaf: why? Isn’t Abby the top player?

FluffyPinkBunny: she fell doing a backflip in gymnastics class

HollyLeaf: oh what about Miranda?

FluffyPinkBunny: didn’t Nat tell u she’s been sick?

HollyLeaf: oh

FluffyPinkBunny has ended this chat

Holly gulped. It was Monday-or never. She personally thought never would be better. The Unicorns were professional! And it was in front of the entire city! Wow, what was she going to do now?

Reyna sent Holly a picture of her routine. Holly had to do an axel, camel spin, and a shoot-the-duck. Those were easy, but when she saw what was coming last she gulped. A perfect split leap! How was she going to manage that?

Holly trembled as she stepped onto the ice. It was now, the skating festival had begun. The other skaters twirled and whirled while Holly stood to the side. She came last, and the split jump sealed the whole performance. They were going against the Bobcats, another skating team. When the last skater left the ice, Holly skated out. Do not look back. Do not look back she commanded. A huge dead weight dropped on her when it was time for the jump. Gathering speed, she skated harder and harder until whoosh! She was lifted off the ice, making the most perfect split jump you would ever see. Her teammates clapped and cheered for Holly. She grinned. I did it!

The Unicorns won against the Bobcats 198-190. On the grandstand, Natalie presented Holly with her very own pink unicorn ears, horn, and tail. She also became an honorary member of the Unicorns. And now this day, you can still see Holly wearing her pink unicorn getup, skating with all her teammates at the ice rink, Natalie became a professional trainer there, leading the other beginners around the rink.

The End

Epublisher - ebook, enovel, On Ice

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Author's words

There are more stories. On Ice 2 is officially out, On Ice 3 is coming up.

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