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A Kindergaterner's first adventure

Chapter two: On the Bus

Author: Christina C Total hits: 815 User hits: 3 Date: 06-13-2015

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Clara had such a good time she was sad to go home, but just then she started worrying again because she didn’t know what bus to take home she was struck with fear. 

Clara decided to ask her friends but all they said was, “How would we know?” When Clara’s friends left she was SO scared and EXTRA worried she would never see her mom again. Clara sobbed silently.

The she came up with a great idea she looked for a bus that she thought was her bus, she thought her bus number was 649 or something like that and this bus was 649 so she went on the bus. On the bus Clara sat in a seat and wondered, “Is this the right bus.” Then she thought, “I guess I just have to hope.”

Clara waited and looked out the window for her stop and her mom but couldn’t find her, after three stops she grew tired and fell asleep and she slept for 1hr. and when Mr. Bob the nice but strict bus driver found her asleep on the seat when he was cleaning up he jumped in surprise so he woke Clara up and she started to cry for her mom.

Mr. Bob calmed her down (I know this sounds babyish but remember this is her FIRST day of KINDERGARDEN) and said, I will bring you to the principal of Oakset and she will call your mom and let her know what happed and your mom will pick you up to go home.” Clara said, “Okay.” But in her mind she thought, “hooray for me yay!”

So she was sent to the principal’s office and the principal called Clara’s mom. Then 5min later Clara’s mom arrived and the principal and Clara’s mom had a nice little chat together,

Principal: Hi Mrs. Evans

Mrs. Evans: hi, so Principal Kate what happened to day

Principal: bla blab bla blab bla bla blab blab blab and bla bla bla bla bla and bla.

Clara’s mom: Oh. :-( :-)

So they said bye to the principal and thanked her and then left. After that Clara learned to listen to her mom no matter what.

Epublisher - ebook, enovel, A Kindergaterner's first adv..

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