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Chapter 1-The Penguins That Time Forgot

Chapter 2-The Penguins That Space Forgot

Author: Renali Total hits: 1052 User hits: 7 Date: 01-21-2015

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Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Chapter 1-The Penguins That ..
Ever since Freeze, Amanda, and Misty returned, reporter penguins have been bombarding them with questions. This is a new book in The Penguin Trio series and we hope you like it.

Misty yawned and poured her cereal. “I told you, we are NOT going on another crazy adventure for my essay on the solar system,” Freeze demanded. “We’ve been through enough!” “But I am 100% sure this will work!” Amanda said. “I told you, no!” Misty said. “I am 100% sure!” Amanda smiled, and held up the signed form that allowed them to time-travel and space-travel. “Oh all right!” Misty said, rolling her eyes. They packed into Amanda’s SpacePenguin5504 pod. This time, a blue mist surrounded the pod. “How is this going to help me?!” Freeze mumbled “What a load of fish…”

They soon climbed out in space suits. “We’re on Mars!” Misty exclaimed. “Freeze, what do you see?” she asked. Freeze didn’t even have to think. “Miles and miles of red dirt,” she replied. “Well then, put ‘miles and miles of red dirt’ in your notes!” Amanda said. Freeze groaned. Her notepad began to float away but Amanda snatched it back. Freeze scribbled down a note:

miles and miles of red dirt

She then put her notes back. “What else do you see?” Misty questioned. “Tons of rocks,” Freeze answered. She added a note to her paper.

miles and miles of red dirt

tons of rocks

“What else do you see?” Misty questioned again. “Nothing else,” Freeze replied. Misty questioningly looked at her. “She’s right!” Amanda said. Freeze looked around. There was nothing but rocks and dirt. “Ok, time to go!” Freeze said. They leaped into the pod and headed for Jupiter.

“Wow!” Amanda said, her beak smudged to the window. “I see lots of orange, yellow, and red clouds!” “Thanks!” Freeze said. She added a note:

lots of orange, yellow, and red clouds

“Why can’t we go outside?” Amanda asked. “Because you’ll get swept into the great red spot,” Misty answered. Amanda peeked out. The giant red hurricane shook the pod side to side. “Hey! Freeze! Add ‘great red spot is a hurricane’ to your notes!” Misty exclaimed. Freeze wrote:

stop ranting on about things I know, misty

Misty looked. “Hey! You didn’t write that!” she exclaimed.”Yeah, because I already know that,” Freeze said. She erased the note. “Ok, time to go! Our pod is getting sucked in!” Amanda suddenly yelled. The pod looped and turned. Red clouds fogged the windows. “Aaaaah!” Misty screamed. Amanda pressed a button and the pod disappeared in a cloud of blue fog.

“Hey, why did we land? Saturn is a gas giant!” Freeze said, confused. She took out her science textbook. “Ohhhhh. Says here Saturn’s rings are made up of rocks, dust, and chunks of ice. We’ve landed on a hunk of rock,” she explained. “This rock is tiny!” Amanda said. She opened the door, and took few steps. Suddenly, Amanda tripped on a rock. “Aaaah!” she yelled as she floated off the hunk. “Open your hook!” Misty yelled. Amanda looked at her, confused. Freeze ran into the pod and came out with a fishing hook. “What did you use to build this!?” she asked. Freeze reeled up and casted the line. The hook caught a loop on Amanda’s belt and pulled her back into the pod. “Phew!” Freeze said. She added a note:

rings made from small rocks, dust, and ice

She then put her note page back into a compartment in the pod. Amanda pulled a lever and switched a dial. As usual, the pod rumbled and vanished in a blue cloud.

“Next stop-Uranus!” Misty said. The pod hovered above the planet. “Why aren’t we going down?” Amanda asked. “Well, probably the pod doesn’t land on gas giants without rings,” Misty answered.

“Wait,” Misty exclaimed. “Why is Uranus spinning on its side?” “I think it’s because it has a different axel” Freeze said. She added a note:

spins on side

“That is one weird planet!” Misty exclaimed. “Exactly,” Freeze said. “Uranus has faint rings made out of the same material as pencil led. Oh! I forgot to add that!” And she added a note:

rings made out of pencil led material

“Oops. I forgot the dials for Neptune and Pluto. Time to go home!” Amanda exclaimed. The pod rumbled, and soon they were back in their garage.

The End


On Monday, Freeze came running home. “I aced my essay!” she yelled. “All thanks to me!” Amanda butted in. Misty and Freeze rolled their eyes. Suddenly, Misty snatched the essay. “Mom!” she yelled. “Freeze aced her essay!” Their mom was approved of the score and took the penguins out for pizza.
The End (For real!)Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Chapter 1-The Penguins That ..

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