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Fun at the Fair

Chapter 1 At the Fair

Author: renali Total hits: 958 User hits: 3 Date: 06-08-2014

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Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Fun at the Fair
It was a hot summer day and Rina, Angii, and Avery were eating tomato and cheese sandwiches on the porch. Avery’s fingers started to tiptoe towards the chocolate chip cookies. Angii tsked tsked and shook her finger. Avery turned around, her face smeared with chocolate. Rina laughed. “Hey, come look at this!” Angii exclaimed. There was a form that said:

Fun ,Fun, Fun!

Come to the Annual County fair!

Tuesday to Friday


Crafts Contest 6:45 to 7:15

Art Contest 7:40 to 8:00

Baking Contest Wednesday 6:50 to 7:10

“Wow!” said Avery, cutting off a form. “I’m going to bake raspberry muffins.” “I’m making a sweet grass basket for the crafts competition” said Rina. “ I’m going to paint a toucan” said Angii. And they went off.

Rina sat in the living room, twisting sweet grass and threading it carefully through a basket base. “Uh oh!” she exclaimed. She forgot a stray strand. Pulling it out of the base, she continued weaving. After 3 more hours, a little Indian basket sat on the table. “There!” Rina said, adding the last ribbon. Then she glued jewels to the sides. After she placed it in a little white box, she rushed off to the kitchen.

Rina practically floated into the kitchen. A warm smell of raspberries and muffin mix swirled around the kitchen. Avery was busy placing small pieces of chocolate on each muffin. Then she spun around sharply. “Oh! Didn’t notice you!” Avery said. Then she pointed her head at a small baking tray. Three delicious muffins sat side by side. Rina took one, and instantly the sweet raspberries and chocolate started melting in her mouth. The muffin tasted like butter and bread, it was VERY delicious.

Rina peeked into Angii’s room. She sat under her loft bed, sketching an outline of a toucan. “Do you like it?” she asked. “Yes!” said Rina. “The bright yellow paint is awesome!” Rina said. “ It’s Sparkly Sun no.2” Angii explained. “I made it by putting glitter in Electric yellow No.4”. After watching Angii finish, Rina said, “yawwwwwwn, I need to go to bed”. They watched Avery leave the house with a white bakery box. After that, Rina climbed up the loft bed slide and turned off the lights.

The next morning was nice and cool. Avery, Angii, and Rina rode their bikes to the fair grounds. “Hey, look! The new rollercoaster!” exclaimed Avery. The sound of screaming from the rollercoaster was faintly heard, over the smell of roasted peanuts and popcorn. Music was blaring from the speakers, and you could see all the rides. “Want to go ride?” Avery said with a devilish look on her face, “Sure!” Rina and Angii shouted. Avery bought three tickets and they were shaking and laughing when the skylift arrived.

Now at the top of Action mountain, Angii, Avery, and Rina hopped aboard car #7. The car started forwards, with Avery holding tight to Rina’s arm. Going towards the peak, there was a straight drop. The car picked up speed and down they went! Angii screamed as the car whipped around turns and loops, flipping upside down, skimming the floor with lightning speed. Then, the car started up. “Uh oh” Rina breathed. The car sssssslooowwweeeddd down, then with a surprising jolt, whipped faster than before! Everything was a blur as water splashed and then, a huge wave came.

It washed the whole car, drenching the seats and splashing the girls with cold water. When the car stopped at the station, they staggered out wet. At least Avery had the energy to stammer “D-dd y-yyyou have f-ffun?” Rina and Angii just stared at her.

YES! They screamed over the music. “It was so cool!” said Angii, jumping up and down with delight. “Yeah! Said Rina, “Best rollercoaster ever!”

At 6:45 Rina had to enter her basket. She got tag 2, placing it in front of her craft. Then she found Angii and Avery on the third row. Squeezing into a seat, she watched the judges and the nervous people. The judges examined a rag rug. Two judges shook their heads, wrote something on their clipboards, and moved on. Next was Rina’s basket. All three judges smiled and turned it around, holding the delicate craft. After lots of writing and whispering, the judges came up and said “ The winner of the County Fair craft competition is… Rina crossed her fingers, the first judge tore open a small packet and read the name. “Rina, with her Indian basket!” the judge said. Rina hurried on stage. The second judge gave her a tall trophy and fifty bucks. The audience clapped. Rina hurried offstage. “ Nice job!” said Avery. “Thanks!” Rina said.

After Rina bought three sticks of soft, sweet rainbow cotton candy, they went to the art competition. Angii placed her toucan on a table. The judges went back and forth, finally saying “The winner of the County Fair art competition is”… ripping open a packet, a judge said “ Angii and her fabulous toucan!” The audience thundered with applause. The judge gave Angii another tall trophy and fifty dollars. When Angii came back, she was whooping.

At night, Avery had permission to spend three days at Angii and Rina’s house. She slept in the loft bed down level, while Angii was in the upper level and Rina was in the closet bed next door.

R123: Still awake?


R123: want to prank peter?

AN2006: Sup?

Avery: want to go prank peter?

AN2006: sure. Why not?

R123: lets go peters room is this way.

The girls tiptoed to Peter’s room, with his alarm clock. Avery set the alarm for 3:00 and did the same with every electronic device. “When Peter wakes up all the alarms will sound” Angii said. Rina hid each alarm in his room and tiptoed back.

3:00 Morning: BRINGGGGG! Peter yawned. It’s still dark! ,he thought. Then, BRINGGGGG!BRINGGGGG!BRINGGGGG! a chorus of alarms beeped and ringed. Peter flipped his whole room upside down, finding all the iPods and iPhones, ipads, and clocks. “Girls!” he muttered, going to their rooms, but it was too late.

Seated in the baking tent, Rina,Angii, and Avery turned in Avery’s muffins. After tasting each and every treat the judges said… “The winner of the County Fair Baking Competition is… Avery and her raspberry muffins! After more fun and laughing, the girls walked home with thee trophies and $150, but stopped seeing:

Come to the nutcracker ballet! To enter, fill out the form below.

Treats 7:30-7:50

Show 7:50-9:30

Win as the best dancer!

Angii, Avery, and Rina just laughed and kept on walking.

Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Fun at the Fair

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Author's words

Thanks for reading you can comment anytime. I made 2 books, Pet Party Time and Adventures on the Atlantic surfer. Come on! Read them!:)

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