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Pet Party Time

Chapter 1

Author: Renali Total hits: 914 User hits: 8 Date: 05-18-2014

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Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Pet Party Time
Rina and Angii were sprawled out on Angii’s closet bed. “Hey! Do you want to go to pick out a pet at Paradise Pets? ” Rina asked. “Sure! Why not? ” Angii said.The time passed. Rina looked at the clock. Then she said, “Whoops!” “Gotta go!” She zoomed back home in her blue metallic bicycle with the gold bell and the silk purple ribbons.

At home, Rina got into her pajamas, a lilac nightgown with a ruffled blue and pink eyemask. Then she made a quick note in her phone. Go to Paradise Pets twelve o’clock noon. Then, Rina switched the channel to Frozen. Soon, the lights were out.

The next morning was cool and sunny. Rina threw on a ruffled T-shirt and some rainbow fluffy leggings. Rina rummaged around her white dresser for a headband. Soon, she met Angii at the doors of Paradise pets.

When they entered, Rina looked at every cat, dog, bird, and fish. Angii looked at every kibble, bone, perch, and fish tank decoration. Angii saw the hamsters and rushed over. “Would you like to hold one?” a sales clerk asked. “Yes!!” squealed Angii. Angii picked up a furry winter white. The hamster was sleeping. It turned over and leaped back into it’s cage.

Rina saw the birds. They cawed and chirped loudly. The clerk let Rina hold a canary. It flew out and headed towards the celing. The clerk chased it with a net around the store. “OMG! I can’t that happened” cackled Angii hysterically. Rina toppled over the floor, giggling. The clerk returned with the canary. It hopped back in it’s cage and flew around in nonstop circles.

Later that evening, Rina and Angii came out of the pet store with two cages, a fancy parakeet and a tiny hamster. “I named my parakeet Nicky”, said Rina.”My hamster’s name is Streudel”, said Angii. The girls raced home. Angii’s yellow bicycle with orange ribbons raced up ahead. Rina was on! She revved the brakes and sped ahead. Angii pedaled quickly, and in no time, Rina reached her house with Angii behind her.

Soon, Angii got a text from her mom that she had a meeting at Ronns medical surgery house and that Angii’s dad was at Japan for a business trip. Angii would have to stay at Rina’s house. Rina was hysterical! She danced around the house playing air guitar! It seemed liked she would win the Oulu Music Championships! Rina’s mom knew, so Rina and Angii ran up the spiral staircase to Rina’s room.

“Do you want to set up the pet’s house or watch TV?” said Rina. She was lying on the bed halfway down and clicking the remote. “TV!” Angii said and plopped down. “Wauaggh!” Rina flew off the bed and landed in the velvet cushions below.”Gurf” she said. Angii bounced up and down, no wonder Rina flew off! :)

Rina snuck up behind Angii, who was clicking the remote frantically. “Ahhhh!” shouted Angii. Rina pounced on her, crashing into the beanbag chair. Streudel escaped, but Rina was too fast. She trapped her in a yogurt cup, and chased the squirming ball into a box. Angii was back on Rina’s bed, clicking the remote and Rina was reading on the softie couch. Then it was time for bed. They brushed their teeth and the lights were out, but the green glows on Angii and Rina’s phones were still up.

AN2006: Do you want to build a snowman?

R123: NOT NOW!:)

AN2006: still awake?

R123: almost awake okmgf1!must stay uppozzzzzzz

AN2006: Sup with the typing?Cause your Happy…

R123:sssssllleppy candd not type wel

AN2006: Your mom’s coming!OMGOMG!!!

R123: mOm lets us staaaaaaaaa y uip-

AN2006: Oh yeah, oh yeah, that is so Kra-zee!

R123: Hoooo ho! Text until midnight!

Rina and Angii’s phones beeped and clicked until 12:05am, that’s when Rina’s mom came in.

“Night!”, she said, and that was that.

Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Pet Party Time

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