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Adventures on The Atlantic Surfer

The best day of school

Author: Renali Total hits: 961 User hits: 17 Date: 04-03-2014

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Today we were going on a field trip to the Amazon Drift Water Park, where the biggest attraction is the Atlantic Surfer rollercoaster. Everyone had to go. We’re going on the Atlantic surfer. I’ve never been on it before.

“Come on, Annie,” assured Kayleyn. Kayleyn’s been on that rollercoaster 100 times, “Every time you get off, they give you a balloon.”

“ I don’t want to go on!” I mumbled.

Then the bell rang. We’re supposed to line up for the school bus. I sat with Jazzie and Kayleyn. The school bus was really fast. If I can’t stand a school bus, how about the rollercoaster? I started texting Allie on the bus. Her message says “I’M SCARED. How about you?”

We got there at Alphine Mountain. It’s a big water slide. To play, we changed into our swimsuits. Then we split up. Me, Kayleyn, Jessica, Jazzie, and Mikalea were in a group. We tried out Alphine Montain. It’s awesome! It took 5 minutes to get down and land in a big pool filled with ducks. Jazzie bought us tickets. We took skylift #7 painted with sharks on it. It’s totally awesome! We fell flat in the pool and exit.

Well, that one is sort of dizzy. I thought.

Next, Kayleyn wanted to go on Deep Plunge. I bought tickets and we went down in sub #2. There were tons of fish and the sub was flipping us around.

Then the time came. We had to go on Atlantic Surfer. We put our iphone, iPods, and macboxes in a box.

“Don’t worry,” Jessica said, “Just pretend you are on a limousine. Now let’s go.”

Kayleyn and Jazzie got on first. Those two and Jessica are rollercoaster crazy. They were hyper about Falcon at Ally’s birthday party.

I had to get in. So I did.

The seat was wet and bouncy. We were waiting for the action horn to go off so we could move. Then the horn blasted over our heads. We were on the run.

We went tallest to shortest. Mikalea was the tallest so she was in the front. The rollercoaster rumbled off. There were 5 things that I didn’t like: 1. The going up part, really steep; 2. The going down part; 3. The turn up-side-down part; 4. The waterfall, cold; 5. The height. We clicked across the up and down slope. THERE WAS THE UPSIDE DOWN TURN.

“Just hold on”, Jazzie said.

We went faster. The car went up and straight down while our hair was dangling upside down. Then came the waterfall. It whooshed over the whole car. Jazzie plugged her ears.

The waterfall splashed over our heads. Mikalea and Kayleyn high fived. I was sure I wasn’t going to make it. I ducked all the way to the end. Only my hair was dry. Mikalea, Jazzie, Kayleyn and Jessica’s hair was all over their faces and wet. Then we started a creepy path. There was a track that went straight down and straight up.

“Welcome to the Grand Trench,” said Kayleyn.

We crashed all the way to the bottom and sped our way up. I screamed the whole way.

When we got off, Jessica asked: “Did you like it?”

I said…..

Epublisher - ebook, enovel, Adventures on The Atlantic S..

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Author's words

I hope you like Annie and her adventure. 'Like' my book and read it.-Rena Li,age 7

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